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About the Event:

No matter which stage your career is in, the challenges and intricacies of an orthodontic practice transition can be daunting. This program includes a mix of online content and face-to-face interaction to address your questions, concerns and uncertainties from all angles. Join expert orthodontic consultants Ken Alexander (Alexander & Sons), Charles Loretto (Cain Watters & Associates), Jill Allen (Jill Allen & Associates), Brandon Collier (Collier & Associates), Shannon Patterson (Bentson Copple & Associates), and Brian Colao (Dykema) as they share their experiences and unique approaches for practice transitions.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate career paths and practice transition options for new, established, and retiring orthodontists
  • Establish realistic expectations for various arrangements in practice sales, practice start-ups, partnerships, associateships, and dental support organizations
  • Identify financial, tax, operational, legal, and qualitative components of a practice transition
  • Recognize common mistakes or pitfalls to avoid before, during, and after the transition process
  • Devise an action plan to prepare for your transition

The online portion of the program will be available to attendees about one month prior to Annual Session, which will focus on the mechanics of the practice transition process for practice sales, practice start-ups, partnerships, associateships, and dental support organizations. The in-person portion of the program will be a half-day event that focuses on tips and strategies before and after the transition is complete. This begins with a breakfast at 8:00am, followed by:

  • A keynote presentation given by Ken Alexander and his two business associates, Ryan and Steven, that highlights the buying process from valuation through the transition after the sale (8:50-10:30am)
  • A panel discussion featuring Ken Alexander, Charles Loretto, Jill Allen, Brandon Collier, and Shannon Patterson (10:45-12:00pm)
  • A networking luncheon for attendees to interact with transition consultants and colleagues (12:00-1:00pm)
  • An open period for attendees to schedule 10-minute one-on-one sessions with transition consultants (1:00-2:00pm)

Registration Information:

Registration for the Practice Transition Seminar is available through your 2020 Annual Session registration. The fee is $125 ($60 for residents) and includes breakfast and lunch. 


Should you have any questions, please contact Lauren Carr at or (800) 424-2841 (ext. 587).