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Communicate with the AAO Via Text

AAO members may now text questions to the AAO, and/or opt-in to receive updates via text from the association.

Receiving Text Messages from the AAO (Outbound)

Members may subscribe to any of the following lists to receive periodic text messages from the AAO:

– General AAO News & Updates (keyword: general)

– AAO Conferences & Events (keyword: events)

– Advocacy Alerts (keyword: advocacy)

– Marketing Updates (keyword: marketing)

– Residents (keyword: resident)

– Orthodontic Staff (keyword: staff)

Members may subscribe by either of these methods:

– Visit > My AAO > Subscriptions ( and select the lists to which you  want to subscribe; or

– Send a text to 314-AAO-1116 with your selected keywords listed above (one text message for each list opt-in is required)

Standard charges may apply to text messages received from the AAO.


Sending Text Messages to the AAO (Inbound)

Members may send text messages to AAO Member Services at 314-AAO-1116 (314-226-1116).

All text message-based inquiries should be for general information purposes only. Examples include general questions about AAO meetings, how to access desired resources on, etc. *

Responses to requests for confidential or member-specific information will not be provided via text message. Examples of individual questions that may not be addressed via text include individual membership information, questions about dues invoices, etc. *

AAO Member Services will attempt to respond to text messages in a timely fashion, but immediate responses should not be expected. Standard charges may apply to text messages sent to/received from the AAO.


* To enhance member services, the AAO is working on secure text communication technology for questions of an individual nature. Please watch for future news regarding developments in the texting program.