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Disaster Relief Fund Aids Affected Members

Please note, the deadline to apply for grants for relief from Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael is March 31, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications for funding for damages sustained by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in September/October of 2017. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Dan Williams (, 800-424-2841, ext. 510) or Sarah Goode (, 800-424-2841, ext. 519).

The AAO is committed to providing support to members through its Disaster Relief Fund. Members whose practices have been impacted by natural disasters* can apply to see what assistance the AAO can provide. The AAO Disaster Relief Fund will accept applications for assistance upon request from those who are affected.

An orthodontist must be an AAO member in good standing to receive aid. Prior to applying for assistance, first review the Disaster Relief Fund Rules:

View the Disaster Relief Fund Rules

Disaster Relief FAQs

Then, complete the following online application for assistance:

Access the Application

If you have questions about applying for assistance, contact the AAO at (800) 424-2841 or email Dan Williams at

An additional resource for potential assistance is the American Dental Association Emergency Disaster Grant Program.

Learn about the ADA Grant Program

Members May Contribute to the AAO Disaster Relief Fund

The AAO Online Store is accepting contributions to the AAO Disaster Relief Fund in order to help support AAO members whose offices are affected by disasters.

Click on Store near the top right corner of this page, and then on Disaster Relief Contributions.

Or, call AAO Member Services at (800) 424-2841 to donate via credit card or send a check for any amount to the address below. Checks should be made out to the AAO Disaster Relief Fund and mailed to:

American Association of Orthodontists

Disaster Relief Fund

Attn. Chastity Gaines

401 North Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63141

*Donations are tax deductible.

If you wish to help beyond donations, there may be members near you in need of assistance with office space, housing, etc. Contact the AAO at (800) 424-2841 if you would like to volunteer.  You may also offer donations directly to affected members, such as office space, housing, or equipment by sharing on the Facebook group “AAO Disaster Relief – Orthodontists Exchange.”

* Assistance is also available to members impacted by man-made disasters such as fires or civil disorders.