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Real People. Our People.

In addition to the opportunity to transform people’s smiles and lives, one thing many AAO members say they love about the orthodontic specialty is the strong sense of community they have with fellow orthodontists. Whether through holding leadership positions, networking at meetings, participating in study groups or joining social media groups, orthodontists find many ways to get to know each other, learn from each other and – when needed – support each other.

The AAO has launched a creative initiative that, it is hoped, will also help encourage community building in the specialty. The AAO Member Stories video series debuted in 2019 on social media, offering an opportunity to learn about colleagues whom you may not have met. Each short video highlights the member’s unique experiences as well as his or her perspective on organized orthodontics and reasons for participating in the AAO.


“It was unbelievable the amount of support I received, from people I’ve never met. I knew we weren’t alone, there was a path forward.”
– Dr. Ian Healy


“Organized orthodontics is so important. It’s an opportunity to learn from your colleagues, learn from their experiences.”
– Dr. Jacqueline Miller


“I’ll tell you the biggest reason to become a member is because we really need to hear our voice…”
– Dr. Anil Idiculla